Pimp-up the "add Jira issue" feature in confluence with more fields & pre-populated & hidden project

on the advice of @shannonspaniol, I’m putting my question, as discussed in Atlassian Community, here. Can we get some guidance on how to develop a template, macro or app to fulfil our requirements below?

Here comes the challenge.
We create meeting minutes in confluence and very often during the meeting we want to create Jira issues for “action items”.

We use the “insert Jira issue” into the confluence meeting minutes doc but it has a few limitations we’d like to overcome.

  1. We always have to go in and set the project.
    If I am in the confluence space for the CraftClub project, we’d like to be able to have the “add Jira issue” feature (or a macro doing the same type of thing) default the correct project. Corresponding metadata are either given in the page.
    Pre-population itself should be that much of big deal according to How do I pre-populate text to a description field on JIRA Cloud version 7.x?

  2. In addition, we have a field in Jira that ties an action item to a specific meeting (Sept 19 status report meeting) and we’d like to have it added to the minutes triggered either in the current meeting or later via Jira.

  3. The insert Jira issues toolbar button only allows you to define the summary and description of an issue. One of the most critical things that get defined during the meeting is the owner of the issue.
    Is there a way for me to add more fields so that when that dialogue comes up I can ask for the owner and perhaps 1-2 other project-relevant fields?

  4. It shall be possible to add a task to projects which are hidden for the minute taker otherwise you have to switch the editor each time you add a task to a Jira project whereto the other side doesn’t have access to.
    Can that be achieved somehow, e.g. by means of privileges exchange between the Confluence page, using a customized Meeting Notes Blueprint template, and the hidden Jira project?