Pipelines in Bitbucket server

Why can’t we use bitbucket pipelines in bitbucket server?

Hi @rajeswari.thangavel,
Thanks for reaching out. Bitbucket Pipelines was designed and built for Bitbucket Cloud (i.e. bitbucket.org). Instead, Bitbucket Server integrates with Bamboo (though it can be used by other CI tools). You can find more information about this topic in this Jira ticket: BSERV-9245.

Hope this answers your question.

Juan Palacios


I understand you have a product to shift, but the reality is that Bamboo is overkill for a lot of people and simply adds another “thing to manage” on top of everything else, in a world where Jenkins and TeamCity are far more popular with developers.

How is managing Bamboo different from managing Jenkins or TeamCity? And why is Bamboo overkill?

I mean, I understand the argument that it would be nice to have Pipelines in Bitbucket Server, which would make it more comparable to self-hosted GitLab (which includes GitLab Pipelines). However, that same thing can be said of Jira & Confluence, as those are also features that come out of the box for GitLab. The difference in value proposition between Atlassian and GitLab is the fact that Atlassian recognises that each of these tools have their own set of rich features that warrant a stand-alone product.

I would pick the Atlassian stack (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket Server, Bamboo) any day over only using a single GitLab or GitHub solution for VCS, project management, wiki and CI/CD.

Bitbucket Pipelines for Cloud only exists because of the strong competition in cloud-based CI/CD solutions. In the on-prem world, if you have already chosen Bitbucket Server over GitLab, you will probably also have Jira & Confluence on-prem. Adding Bamboo is not such a big deal.

I would pick the Atlassian stack (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket Server, Bamboo) any day

I would too, and I’m a massive fan of Bamboo personally. For some reason, it has a terrible reputation and Jenkins/TeamCity (which I personally loathe) aren’t going away.

And yet, there also remains a need for a Travis-like solution… which Bitbucket Cloud provides, but Bitbucket Server/DC doesn’t. Where I am, we’ve written various equivalents, and they’re ok… but I would love to use a built-in feature.

And yet, there also remains a need for a Travis-like solution

I still don’t fully understand your analogies? Travis does not offer a version control system, it is only a YML-based CI/CD solution. Bamboo also supports that.

The only equivalent of an all-in-one on-premise solution is actually GitLab and to some extend GitHub Enterprise (not sure if that already supports Actions).

It’s not… I’d like to get rid of Jenkins and TeamCity too. They’re all dreadful relics of the Continuous Integration era… and completely unsuited to Continuous Delivery, no matter how much lipstick their respective financial backers put on them.

But Bamboo would cost us an additional $145,480 a year for its other features that we neither want nor need… and there’s no Data Center version either.

But good point about GitLab… I’m currently looking at that as a possible alternative.