Plain text macro preview in edit mode


I’ve noticed a lot of topics related to plain-text macros and the latest reports from ecosystem say it’s fixed, however, I’m still having issues.

The macro is rendered properly on viewing a page and when adding it for the first time. The problem is when I try to edit the page. When editing the macro and when save is clicked, the macro body isn’t rendered, it displays nothing even though my debugging logs properly get the macro body. Previewing the draft works (as in macro is displayed) and saving the page also works. The only problem is the display when macro is edited.
It’s not the biggest of bugs, but it makes a bad UX.

I’ve noticed also that when editing macros, an error appears in the console on batch.js:14:479

Error: undefined missing confluence/api/navigator-context

That’s even weirder as the code is pretty simple and we don’t request any context anywhere.

The errors and failed rendering are consistent on several test instances.

Thanks in advance


We also see the navigator-context error (and other confluence errors in the root page) on a regular basis, and have for as long as I can recall fabric being released. It’s mystifying why these seem to be uninteresting to Atlassian, but as far as I can tell they are harmless.

@ChupaCabra is it possible to post a screenshare of the problem?

@rwhitbeck Thank you for the interest. Is there a way to privately send you the video as the app is still in beta and we’d prefer if it was private?