PlantUML plugin for Bitbucket Server 6.7.0


I am writing a plugin to render plantuml sequence diagrams in files. I am just wondering if this is possible with the current API? The closest API I can see is:

Assuming it is possible, then which of the example plugins would I use:

Choose Plugin Module:
1: Commit Indexer
2: Keyboard Shortcut
3: Repository Hook
4: SCM Request Check
5: SSH Request Handler
6: Component Import
7: Component
8: Downloadable Plugin Resource
9: Licensing API Support
10: Module Type
11: REST Plugin Module
12: Servlet Context Listener
13: Servlet Context Parameter
14: Servlet Filter
15: Servlet
16: Template Context Item
17: Web Item
18: Web Panel Renderer
19: Web Resource
20: Web Resource Transformer

Thanks in advance!