Please Atlassian developers provide more profesional APIs used for busienss requirements


I think the design of such API is not so professional, e.g. API doc shows total returned, but actually not. Besides, the default sorting of the returned data was designed not so good.

This API returns all the historial sprints from old to new for a specific board. For some old customers, they use a project for several years and there’re so many sprints in a board (e.g. more than 2K).

From the business perspective of my requirement, I only need get the latest/newest sprints (e.g. 50 sprints) in this board. However, Atlassain API cannot support this basic requirement, which is annoying me in the Forge App development. For large dataset, the App always always reports errors. I’ve given this feedback to the developer community, but nobody from Atlassian gave me satisfactory reply.


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