Plugin always disabled and can't enable it

With the new Confluence DC version 8.8.0 I can’t enable my app. The app is per default disabled and when trying to click on the button to enable it I get this error: This app failed to enable. Refer to the logs for more information.
And I can’t get it enabled. Does someone know what the issue is and how I can fix it?

You should:

HI, thank you for your answer. I had a look on the documentation but it didn’t helped me. I also didn’t found anything in the logs.

Hiya @DominikGashi. We (and a load of other people) have been having similar problems trying to get apps compatible with Confluence 8.8.0.

Disabling dev mode might do it. Add the following to your pom.xml under the <plugin><configuration> :


Mentioned over on Preparing for Confluence 9.0 - EAP coming soon - #26 by RomanStoffel, so please give any thanks there if it does indeed work.

If you’re running a standalone instance instead of using atlas-run/atlas-debug you can pass those same parameters like so:

atlas-run-standalone --product confluence --version 8.8.0 --jvmargs "-Xms2048m -Xmx2048m" --maven-plugin-version 8.13.5 -Dupm.plugin.upload.enabled=true

Hi AndrewMorton, Thank you for your help. Unfortunately it didn’t helped do enable the plugin again. I tried with your suggestion to add it in my pom.xml but it’s still disabled and also can’t enable it.