Plugin deployment strategy

Hello, as a team we are developing a jira plugin. In our company we do not have any admin role in our team. So we have to ping infra team on every deployment. Is there any way to deploy our app without having admin privileges? Is it possible to build kind of pipeline or is there any role that can only have authorization to deploy plugins but nothing else?

We use Bamboo and it has the ability to install plugins as a step in a build plan. We organize a few plugins in our company that are low risk (mostly client side extensions in Bitbucket) and we let those plugin developers deploy within certain time windows. They can hit deploy and they agreed to only do it during certain time periods AND they agreed to message us in chat before hand.

We use a small Python program to deploy our app via the UPM REST API in our test environments. However, it still requires an auth token with admin privileges, but that may be more acceptable than providing you with an admin user?

For documentation of the REST API and how to register apps, see