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I am trying to create an JIRA cloud app in which I am using Atlassian Connect JavaScript client library’s request() method to access a JIRA rest API. The issue is that I am not able to use request method as given in the documentation. On calling request() it is giving an error on console “Uncaught TypeError: AP.request is not a function”.
I have checked that all.js is loading fine. Please refer to attached screenshots for more clarity on the issue.
Also let me know if you want to schedule a call regarding further explanation on the issue.
I created the app using steps given on -

Hi @AkashGupta,

Welcome to Atlassian Developer Community. To start with, can you post a simple example of the html file that is having the issue?

And can you examine the developer tools console and add the output? The screenshots don’t seem to have attached corrrectly.

Does this error happen when you load the html inside a page in Jira or Confluence? The AP. object won’t work in a standalone page, it needs to be in the context of used within a Connect application.


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