Plugin getting uninstalled from target after rebuild (atlas-mvn package or atlas-run)

I’m having an issue where my plugin is getting uninstalled from the tarrget after a rebuild in certain cases. This typically seems to occur after a small run-time error in the code is introduced such as something that would appear in a velocity template. Instead of getting an error however, the plugin ends up being no longer installed in my target. Even after reverting the change and rebuilding there does not seem to be a way to get back to the previous state.

I’ve tried reverting the change (to known good state) and then running atlas-mvn package, reverting the change and running atlas-run from scratch and neither of these options seems to work.

The only solution I’ve had is to completely blow away the target and then re-run atlas-run. This is non really practical as it is very time consuming and and requires that I perform the setup I need for my instance / plugin again which includes plugin configuration, creating new projects, re-creating test issues, performing project configuration, etc.

If anyone has a solution to this or knows how this can be avoided I’d be very grateful.

I figured out what was going on here (I think). I was getting an osgi error and this was related to an annotation that was mistagged. It worked for some reason, on the initial build of the server but any time i made a subsequent change it would fail until I recreated my entire jira instance from scratch. Once the references were fixed this seems to have resolved the problem.