Plugin installation on a cluster

I’d like to know how UPM (the universal plugin manager) manages app installation on a cluster:

  • Does it synchronize the installation of the plugin on each node of the cluster? Does it also uninstall automatically?
  • How do we know whether the plugin properly started on all nodes?
  • Does UPM sometimes tells the user that the plugin is installed on one node but met a problem on the other?

Thank you very much,


@aragot sorry for the delay in response. Unfortunately, there is not one answer per question. UPM does not currently handle installations or upgrades in clusters, this is currently handled by each product and the implementation varies from product to product.

In Confluence for example when the admin installs, uninstalls, or upgrades a plugin, the request is propagated across all nodes by Confluence.

Where as in Jira there are some differences, it uses the shared directory for installed plugins, each node looks to this directory and reads from it. Jira also needs to track plugins were present during when the zero downtime upgrade started, to prevent old nodes trying to load newer versions of Jira software and Jira service desk.