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Our plugin Easy Dropdown Menu has the feature, that if used in page propertyies, you can than also change the dropdown value in the page property report. About one month ago was the problem reported, that the dropdowns aren’t editable in the report anymore. After some investigations have we found out, what the problem is. The RenderContext of the report changes from ‘display’ to ‘preview’ if the report has multiple pages. And we can’t render Dropdowns in the ‘prieview’, because after changing a dropdown value, it is no longer shown (is probably only loaded on time, because preview doesn’t expect any changes).

Could someone explain why you have changed this or could you change it back?

Kind Regards

Hi @PhilippFrank ,
The page property report has explicitly set the conversion context as preview when the report is paginated ever since the fix for CONFSERVER-40995 was implemented 5 years ago.

Our code in the page property report plugin is:

if (isPaginated) {
xhtmlContent.convertStorageToView(valueStorageFormat, pageContext)

Reiterating, this code has not changed for 5 years.

Therefore I don’t think that the root cause of the regression you’re facing is the preview conversion context. Although I could definitely be wrong - maybe we were intending to set the conversion context as preview but somewhere else it was being set back to display. I’m guessing your plugin is breaking as a side effect of another change we have made to the page properties plugin - we have made many changes recently.

In order to narrow down exactly what could have caused this regression, could you try to find the specific previously compatible Confluence version? In other words, it would be really useful to know if your plugin is compatible with Confluence 7.4.5 but not 7.4.6. You could also check the conversion context on the previously compatible version to confirm the above theory.

We made significant changes to the page property report between the following versions, so it would be best to check if compatibility regresses in these particular versions:

7.4.5 -> 7.4.6
7.12.0 -> 7.12.1
7.12.2 -> 7.12.3

To debug this further I might need more information about how the Easy Dropdown Menu plugin works, in that case I may reach out via email or you can raise a developer support DEVHELP ticket and mention me on it.


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