Plugins won't appear/work in issue preview pop up

Hi there,

I’ve observed that our plugins, as well as those of our competitors, are not appearing in the issue preview pop-up. I investigated to determine if the issue was on our end and discovered that the root cause of the issue is the Connect JavaScript API. Firstly, I noticed that the AP.user.getLocale() promise doesn’t seem to resolve. After finding a workaround for this, I discovered that other methods also don’t work, such as iframe resize and open dialogue.

I understand that there may be limitations to the preview mode, such as the possibility that opening pop-ups could be disabled. However, the current limitations are so wide that the plugins cannot function at all.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, have you found a solution? Has Atlassian provided any documentation or addressed this topic?

Marek Szczepański