PluginSettings plugin data not being persisted


I developed a plugin using the Atlassian SDK against JIRA 7.4.4 that has an admin panel for project configuration. In my local development environment, the plugin works as expected and per-project configuration changes made through a REST module in the plugin are correctly persisted and retrieved (using PluginSettingsFactory#createGlobalSettings()).

However, when I now deploy this plugin through UPM into an actual JIRA instance (v7.4.4) the REST module returns the correct status code but changes are not persisted to the backend.

Can anyone think of what I might check and possible reasons for why I might be seeing this behavior?

A related question is - how do I control where the logs for my plugin go? The file bundled along with the plugin is expected to create a plugin specific configuration file, but I don’t see that file anywhere under JIRA_HOME.


OK, at least I figured out how to enable Logging. As an administrator, you need to enable log level for your package under Logging and Profiling.

I still cannot figure out why a put() on PluginSettings does not store my plugin settings…

I don’t know how or why, but completely uninstalling the plugin and restarting the remote JIRA instance fixed the issue. I am suspecting there was some state conflict between successive versions of the plugin that were either uninstalled or overridden or disabled/re-enabled during testing that caused the issue.