portalRequestDetail hidden on customer-side

Hi there,
I’m trying to build a Forge app that displays a basic UI at the end of the jiraServiceManagement:portalRequestDetail view.
So far it works however it does only display when I’m on a request as an identified Agent or Admin of the Service Management project… When I load the same Request from a customer point of view, that Forge app does not appear. There’s obviously something I missed, but what? Is there any limitations and/or settings around this? Thanks for reading!

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There is a limitation that might explain what you are observing. The launch announcement of Forge for Jira Service Management indicates:

As of this release, portal users must have an Atlassian ID in order to create service desk requests via Forge apps. We are currently in development to allow ticket creation by anonymous users. Watch the roadmap for updates

Hi @ibuchanan thanks a lot for that tip!
As my app need to be available for customers, should I consider building a Connect app instead?


As of current capabilities, yes. The customer portal UI modules are available to customers through Connect Apps.

Thank you @ibuchanan that helps :+1: