POST /1/cards returns 404 Not Found

Following a Postman Tutorial that uses the Trello API for its examples. First time working with Trello API.

In the video, the POST /1/cards request responds with a GET request for the cards in the specified Board. In my attempt, Trello responds with a 404 error: Cannot GET /1/cards?key...

The {{Trello API Key}} (required) and {{Trello API Token}} variables function correctly in other GET requests, and the idBoard and idList required values were taken from within Trello using Firefox Inspect, as demonstrated in the video.

Have I overlooked something? Or has the Trello API changed since the tutorial was made?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hello @wlbentley

In Postman, it looks like you either have an incomplete URL for the endpoint, or the environment variable {BaseURL} isn’t correctly defined or associated with the project.

Try doing the request without using environment variables and try putting the endpoint, key and token directly into the URL, to first check you have the basics correct:

PS. To create a card, you don’t need to provide the ID of the board, only the ID of the list, since each list’s ID is unique, so the enclosing board is inferred.