Post function - Atlassian Connect

Hi, I’m writin a post function plugin with attlassian connect, according to documentation for save configuration values I need call a javascript function in my create and edit views, all is ok here, it save in a create and I can retrieve in edit view, but I need the configuration values in the “triggered”
method, but I always receive an empty value in the body request
“configuration”: {“value”: “”}

this is my configuration

Send as a queryString like “edit” does not work


Thanks for you help

Can you share the JavaScript code that saves the configuration?

According the documentation only need that, and in edit tha’ts work when I pass
?config={postFunction.config} as queryString, in the postFunction.config a got a config values,

but I don’t know how to get this values in triggered, if I add the query string does not work, and as I understood the config is send in the body request of triggered automatically but I only receive an empty value, I dont know if I need to do someting else

configuration has an empty object