Post function trigger


Have just written my first plugin to add sub-tasks when an issue is transitioned to certain states. However, I couldn’t see a way to trigger the plugin on a transition.

Instead, I’ve set the plugin to trigger on an update, and then check the changelog to see if it was a transition.

Is there a way to only trigger on transitions. I see that there is a validation trigger, but I believe you are only meant to do validation in that trigger, not make changes to an issue.

Apologies if there is an obvious solution, but I couldn’t see one.

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Hey @tombailey , this is the way we expect teams to build forge apps that respond to transition events today. We are planning to support the functionality in the future to provide some filtering (potentially defined in the manifest, maybe JQL?) within events prior to your function being invoked and this is a good use case I will note down for when we pick this work up. Thanks for sharing :smiley:
Cheers, Sam.