Post-Functions on Java Atlassian Connect

I’m testing Atlassian Connect Spring Boot to create some post-functions for Jira Cloud

There is no examples in documention, only on NodeJs

Can someone help with working examples of some common staff on Java? Tutorials?
Or nodeJs is suggested and main supported way to development for cloud?

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Maybe following snippet will help you, assuming you know spring.

public class TenantBootstrapOnInstallService implements ApplicationListener<AddonInstalledEvent> {

	private final static Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(TenantBootstrapOnInstallService.class);

/ .... your services

	public void onApplicationEvent(AddonInstalledEvent event) {
/... your logic on installation event

Thanks friend!

But i’m asking for examples of post-function (validators, conditions & etc)

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Here is an example of a validator and a condition in Java.

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