POST request with Issue information with Form on ModalDialog

I have a UI Kit ModalDialog with a Form inside, I can capture the form data with my onSubmit function but I need to add the current issue title and the current user email, how can I get that information before making the POST request to my API?

I started with a jira-issue-panel template and this is my code so far:

import ForgeUI, { render, Fragment, Text, IssuePanel, Form, ModalDialog, Range, Button, useState } from '@forge/ui';

const App = () => {

  const [isOpen, setOpen] = useState(false);

  // Handles form submission, which is a good place to call APIs, or to set component state...
  const onSubmit = async (formData) => {

    // get the issue title and user email to POST request
    formData['issue'] = 'TEST';
    formData['userEmail'] = 'TEST@TEST.COM';

    // close the modal window

  return (
        text={`Open form`}
        onClick={() => setOpen(true)}
      {isOpen && (
        <ModalDialog header="Rating" onClose={() => setOpen(false)}>
          <Form onSubmit={onSubmit}>
            <Text>Give your rating</Text>
            <Range label="Your rating" name="rating" min={0} max={10} step={1} />

export const run = render(
    <App />