Postman now delivering to!

TL;DR Jira Core Cloud, Confluence Cloud, Jira Software Cloud, Jira Service Desk Cloud and Stride all have integrations with Postman from their REST API pages in

From today, whenever you go to look up the REST API docs for Jira Cloud, Jira Service Desk Cloud, Jira Software Cloud or Confluence Cloud, you will be given the option to open the REST API in Postman.

What is a “Postman”?

Postman is a tool that assists developers in making REST API calls to services.
This is extremely handy when you are about to build an integration with another service. It allows you to break down what the different APIs do, and figure out how your service will integrate with it.
Not to mention, the ability to debug services if something goes wrong!

How do I use it?

Pick a REST API:

Then follow these steps:

  • Click “Run in Postman”
  • Follow the dialog and fill in the fields.
  • Click “Open Postman”
  • In the new tab, click on “Postman for Mac”. If you don’t have the native client installed install it via Postman’s website. Note that the Chrome extension is deprecated.
  • Wait for a little (magic)
  • Start using Postman for Atlassian products.

That is really helpful - I already had my own fragmentary collection, but this is way better.
Thanks for that :star_struck:

One remark though (you knew that would happen :imp:):
The requests with a body (e.g. Confluence Cloud https://{{host}}/wiki/rest/api/content?) have the right content type preselected but no “template” / “example” entity to post / put and the most of the documentation on (as an example again)
is missing.
Is that a technical limitation of Postman or are there any plans to fix that?


Thanks, @christoffer for the feedback. If you find anything that you think is a bug like the Confluence Cloud endpoint you describe above please file an issue on the products REST API Reference page you’ll find a Gives docs feedback link which will open a Jira issue collector modal for you to fill out.

The postman collections are generated from the same swagger file that generates the REST API docs hence why it’s missing in both places and why you should report issues on the REST API page.

I cannot find any links to open API collection in Postman for JIRA Cloud and other products. Do I need to enable somethings?

Can you show us a screenshot of what you see when you open a link to when the page is fully loaded?

I could not see the “Run in Postman” button in Jira service desk API page

That’s likely because it was recently removed again. See here: Removal of Postman from REST API documentation