Power-Up Admin Collaborators & Creation Permissions Update

Until now, Power-Ups could only be created and managed by admins of the team that owns the Power-Up. That meant that if someone from your marketing team wanted to update the Power-Up’s listing, they would have to be an admin of the team or they’d have to bother an admin to make the changes for them.

Now Power-Ups can be created for a Trello team by any member of the Trello team. By default, the user creating the Power-Up and any team admins will have permissions to manage the Power-Up.

Additionally, you can add Trello members from your team to be collaborators on a Power-Up. From the new Collaborators section in the left navigation, you can search for team members and add them as collaborators on the Power-Up.

Collaborators have all the same permissions on the Power-Up as a team admin; they can update listings, turn off/on capabilities, etc. The only thing they can’t do is remove team admins.