Preserve macro display setting after editing a macro in Fabric editor

We have noticed an interesting (unwanted) behaviour with some of our Connect-based dynamic content macros when using the Fabric editor.

Attached is a screen recording that demonstrates the issue (apologies for the grainy quality, but it appears that Discourse only accepts animated GIFs).

In the video you will see a Confluence page (Fabric editor) in edit mode, containing two macros:

  1. JIRA Road Map (a standard built-in macro from Atlassian)
  2. Sequence Diagram (our dynamic content macro)

The page initially starts as “full width”, but is then toggled to “fixed width”.

When a Confluence page is fixed width, macros gain the option to control whether they display as:

  • Center
  • Wide
  • Full width


…and in this example, both macros are initially set to display “full width”.

When the JIRA Road Map macro is edited, by clicking the pencil icon to open the ‘Edit JIRA Road Map macro’ dialog and then clicking the Save button, the “full width” setting is retained.

However when the Sequence Diagram macro is similarly edited, it reverts back to “center”.

We would like the behaviour of the Sequence Diagram macro to match the JIRA Road Map macro, and retain whatever display setting was already selected after editing; but it is unclear what changes we need to make to achieve this.


@ibuchanan - as there has been no response from the community to this question, I’m considering whether it might be better to log an issue in to see if someone from Atlassian can help.

Would you have any advice on what Ecosystem project would be appropriate to raise this in?

I’m thinking either the Atlassian Connect or Atlassian Editor projects, but I would appreciate any tips you can provide to ensure this goes to the most appropriate team.

Thanks in advance.


Well, not for trying. The problem description is crystal clear to me. Unfortunately, the solution eludes me, as it probably does for the rest of folks here.

I wish you could self-report but this is best logged in CONFCLOUD as a bug, taking the behavior of the Jira Road Map as “expected”. I opened CONFCLOUD-73903 on your behalf. Please watch, vote, and comment.

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Much appreciated, thanks.