Preserving link text for space overview page

Recent changes on Cloud added export support for default link text for Confluence pages. However, the default link text for the space overview page remains not supported in exports and the related URL is rendered instead. Is there plans to also support these links?


Hi and welcome to the Developer Community!

How are you exporting your page?

  • If it’s through Confluence’s default menu, you should go to and raise it with the Confluence team
  • If it’s through a Marketplace app, you’ll need to contact that team’s individual support desk

(Unless I’m missing something and we have an API for exports that you’re talking about?)

Hi Huw,
We (K15t) actually develop the Scroll Exporter apps, and both the native Confluence exporter and our own Scroll Exporters on cloud behave the same way. Previously, the default page link text was not preserved but since recently (presumably following an update on Cloud) this text is now rendered in the export for both our and your exporter functionality. However, the default link text for the space home overview link, which you can see from my screenshot has a different default icon to the page link, is still not preserved by either of our exporters. Therefore my questions is more related to whether you are likely to be addressing this to or whether this is something we will need to focus on to ensure that it is preserved in our exports?
Thanks, Thomas (K15t)

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