Private plugin version "cannot be installed on this Cloud instance" with Private Listings token

Hi Community,
we are currently preparing a major release of a Confluence Cloud Plugin. This makes it necessary to

  • change the baseURL (subdomain) of the API
  • change the URL (subdomain) of the atlassian-connect.json

So far we published the plugin as private and we are able to install the plugin using a Private Listings Token and it is working fine.

in order to generate a smooth experience for the users we would like to accomplish a way of being able to update from the current plugin version the the new version without the need to uninstall. So what we were trying is:

  1. Install the plugin from the marketplace in its current public version :white_check_mark:
  2. Insert a token from the private listings so the private updated version becomes visible and the plugin manager offers the Update Button :white_check_mark:
  3. When clicking the button the plugin Updates smoothly and the new features become available :x:

The last part is failing currently so we are not able to test the update experience for our users. Or the result of the test is that it is not updateable the way we intent but we do not understand why.

Investigating the documentation we did not find a definite guide to answer the following questions:

  • can a public plugin be updated to a privat version via Private Listings Token without uninstalling? (Isn’t that exactly one purpose of Privat Listings and private versions?)
  • what changes to the atlassian-connect.json require a definite re-installation of the plugin (besides the obvious “key” properties)? Any blocker here?
  • is the approach to change the baseUrl, change the url of the atlassian-connect.json, pump up the apiVersion for a version → publish as private version in order to test the update ability and the new features, a correct way?

I am grateful for every suggestion or a pointer to a helpful part of the documentation.

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Hi Community,
I have posted a similar question as a support request in the Marketplace Support system and received a very helpful answer by @syong.
It occurs that is it not possible to update a plugin from a public version to a private version (with access token). So in order to be able to estimate the experience for the user after the the update, you need to uninstall the app and re-install it in your dev system with the link provided in the Private Listings token overview. This process is not needed for the later update from the old public version to the new public version.
I hope this helps and I will continue to collect my experiences after the final release here.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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