Problem calling find groups endpoint

Hello all!

I am trying to retrieve all groups from a connect add-on. The application has scope READ, and I am making a call to the find groups endpoint (

I am calling the endpoint using addon.httpClient(req) from my backend (in atlassian-connect-express) to make the request.
The problem I am having is that the search is not returning results, unless I search for an exact match.
Is it possible to give my application permissions to list the groups, regardless of the permissions the current user has?

Thank you!

Can you share the query value that you’re using for both requests?

Based on the documentation saying:

Anonymous calls and calls by users without the required permission return an empty list.

and the fact that you are getting a non-empty response for a specific query that this isn’t related to permissions.

I’d expect you to always get back an empty list if you didn’t have the valid permissions, right?

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