Problem in SubPages sidebar

I’m creating a Forge application to Jira Cloud and I’m getting trouble with Subpages in Project Settings Page (Jira project settings page).

The problem it’s when a click in the app’s project settings sidebar panel it opens another sidebar looking like this

Inspecting the page shows

but i don’t have none NavigationContentWrapperContainer defined.
How could I solve the problem?

Hi @AntnioRodrigues,
Thanks for reaching out. Actually it looks like a bug. Can you please share with us more details to help us reproduce the issue? If so:

  • Does this issue happen only on one kind of project or on multiple? Can you share with use the project(s) type on which you experience the issue?
  • Besides broken navigation is your app also affected in any way?
  • Are you using UI kit or custom UI?
  • When did you start to experience the issue?