Problem retrieving pages


we have a customer who is having an issue with our addon. In one of our pages they cannot see all the pages from the space. We have this CQL to retrieve them:
type in (page,blogpost) and space=“XXXXX” order by lastmodified desc, title asc

We get this in batches of 100, so if a batch contains 100 pages we get the next one.

The problem is that they have about 1300 pages in that space, and the first batch has 100 pages but the second one 99 so we understand that confluence is saying that there are only 199 pages.

What can be the problem? Our approach is wrong? Is there another page type? Reading the documentation the types are only: page, blogpost, attachment and comment?

Thanks in advance

Which REST API from confluence are you specifically using AND what is being returned in the total results field? 1300 or 199?

Hi @inigo,

For completeness, pasting here my response to your Devhelp ticket.

Please see this product bug for reference. Apparently, when you have a total of 1,171 pages qualifying your CQL criteria and setting start=100 and limit=100, the response is 99 pages. However succeeding increments, returns 100 but the last request, start=1100, limit=100 returns 72 pages, which should be 71.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Anne Calantog