Problem with AJS

Hello, I have created custom Issue Tab Panel with field, where I can add comment when Ill press my custom button “add comment”

In my VM template I have

AJS.$("#add-comment-button").click(function(e) {

This button works fine and window to write text appears, but… In other section in Issues --> Current Search —> Views (Detail Views), windows with space to write text dont appear when I click button “add comment”. It only appers in normal view of issue… Whats problem?

Try using the following format for your javascript and see if that works:

$(document).on("click", "#add-comment-button", function(e) {

I had the same problem where AJS wouldn’t work on certain pages.

it still does not work

Could you try this:

JIRA.bind(JIRA.Events.NEW_CONTENT_ADDED, function(e, context, reason) {
        if (reason === JIRA.CONTENT_ADDED_REASON.pageLoad){
    $(document).on("click", "#add-comment-button", function(e) {

Still the same.
Hi, thanks for trying help me. I m working on it since 8 hours :confused: and still dont resolve this problem. Im tried ajax, loaded js function from external resources, adding from body tag etc…

Yeah I remember having the same issues when I started. You said you have your JS code in the velocity template right? You could try putting it in a seperate js file and call that file using the web resource manager.

You declare your web-resource in your atlassian-plugin.xml:

<web-resource key="resource-key" name="resource name">
    <resource type="download" name="cssfile.css" location="css/cssfile.css"/>
    <resource type="download" name="jsfile.js" location="js/jsfile.js"/>

and then you add the following to the head of your velocity template.


I changed my file and this still not works. In this case again are troubles with loading external resources.
for example:


So I try use it include my VM file.