Problem with App Descriptor

I am trying to build a new add on for JIRA but my app descriptor does not seem to be correct. The authentication section is not getting picked up when I attempt to install the app.

The add-on descriptor failed to validate against the schema. Please confirm this add-on is intended for use with JIRA and then contact the add-on vendor.
: object has missing required properties ([“authentication”])

When I try adding a “generalPages” module and refetch the app descriptor I get this error:

{“tid”:“93dea0589dbc3257”,“code”:400,“type”:“InvalidDescriptorError”,“message”:“data.extensions[‘activity’] has invalid extension type ‘generalPages’ for application ‘chat’”}

Why would it think that I am trying to build a chat add-on instead of a JIRA add-on?

Can you paste in the descriptor (feel free to anonymize the urls and keys)?

Do you have licensing enabled? If so I believe it requires the authentication block (but if you paste in the descriptor it will be easier to tell).

You can also paste the descriptor through (but I’m guessing it might give you the same error without any explanation).

This is my descriptor (edited for sensitive info)

        "name": "Add-on Name",
        "description": "Add-on Description",
        "key": "com.test.jira.addon",
        "baseUrl": "",
        "vendor": {
            "name": "Name Here",
            "url": ""
        "lifecycle": {
            "installed": "/installed",
            "uninstalled": "/uninstalled"
        "authentication": {
            "type": "jwt"
        "enableLicensing": false,
        "scopes": [
        "modules": {
            "generalPages": [
                    "url": "/my-general-page",
                    "icon": {
                        "width": 80,
                        "height": 80,
                        "url": "/maps/icon.png"
                    "name": {
                        "value": "My General Page"
                    "key": "my-general-page"

This looks right to me. Are you installing directly into the instance using the development url or are you using a marketplace url?

Is the /installed hook being triggered at all?

This may be a case where you need to get Atlassian to check what’s going on on their side (the confusing chat module is a bit suspicious - since the descriptor does validate). I would go to and see if they can help (the link is at the top of the page as well).

This looks like you are trying to use an Application that you have created in and post your descriptor to that. The Application Management in is currently only for Stride Apps.

For Jira and Confluence, for now, you just write your descriptor directly and paste a link to it directly to the Universal Plugin Manager in Jira / Confluence or to the Marketplace when you wish to publish it.

For more information, read the “Install your app” section in the getting started guide: