Problem with atl.jira.proj.config iframe size

Hi all!

I have problem with iframe size only on team-managed projects (in that case we have breadcrumbs above the panel).

(text is cleared)

Additional info:

Iframe height is 100%
in all.js script - data-options="sizeToParent:true;"

Do you have any suggestions how I can fix it ?

Hi, is there any update on this issue? We ran into the same thing, AP.resize('100%', '100%') and AP.sizeToParent() doesn’t fill the available space and vh units cannot be used with resize to give it a proper height. We want to scroll the window to an element but it’s really inconsistent, sometimes element.scrollIntoView scrolls the whole page (outside of the iframe) and sometimes it does nothing. AP.scrollPosition.setVerticalPosition does not work either.