Problem with lifecycle events upgraded

Currently I am developing an app and we had some changes so we wanted to trigger them when app is updated this is what our code in manifest looks like:

    - key: currency-changes-trigger
        - avi:forge:upgraded:app 
      function: currency-trigger

It seems like this trigger is not triggering when app is updated. Can you help me solving this issue? Thank you.

Hi @LukaBuhac,

I just did a test and can confirm that the event is still being triggered and the shared snippet of the manifest looks correct.

Let me share that, for the event to be triggered, the upgrade has to be a major one and not just any upgrade.
The most common example of a major upgrade is one that requires a scopes change, the other options are listed here.

When such upgrade happens, you’ll see the following in the CLI after a forge deploy:

We've detected new scopes or egress URLs in your app.
Run forge install --upgrade and restart your tunnel to put them into effect.

Hope this helps,


Hi @ccurti, this event doesn’t trigger even when the major upgrade happens, even when I have update button in manage apps it is not triggered. I added a scope to manifest so it triggered major update but still nothing. Can you help me with this?

That’s weird @LukaBuhac. I tested it the other day and confirmed that the event is sent.

Did you try to run the upgrade from the Forge CLI as well? Or just from the UI as it sounds like you did from the earlier comment?

Hi ccurti, so when I run changes I am testing it as would our users. So I update the app in manage apps and then the trigger should occur but nothing changes.