Problem with permissions endpoint "rest/api/3/permissions/project"


We have a problem with the “rest/api/3/permissions/project” endpoint.
Using this python snippet:

headers = {
   "Accept": "application/json",
   "Content-Type": "application/json"

payload = json.dumps( {
  "permissions": [
} )

response = requests.request(

we get this response {"projects": [{"id": 10001, "key": "ITSAMPLE"}, {"id": 10061, "key": "TC67"}, {"id": 10062, "key": "TC68"}, {"id": 10063, "key": "TC70"}, {"id": 10064, "key": "TC71"}, {"id": 10065, "key": "TC72"}, {"id": 10066, "key": "TC73"}, {"id": 10067, "key": "TC74"}]}

and the problem is that a lot of projects are missing. For example: if we perform an ordinary request to /rest/api/3/mypermissions?permissions=BROWSE_PROJECTS&projectId=10054 we get this response:

permissions: {
id: "10",
name: "Browse Projects",
type: "PROJECT",
description: "Ability to browse projects and the issues within them.",
havePermission: true,

which clearly states that havePermission field is true, but in the bulk request - the project is missing.

Is there a problem with this endpoint? Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Hello @fkasapov ,

I can see that you have also created a DEVHELP ticket for this issue and, in there, you specify Jira Service Management as the product.

Therefore, this can actually be the same behavior described in: JSDCLOUD-10417: Provide a REST API endpoint to retrieve permissions of users(including browse project permissions for JSM customers)

Can you kindly review above feature request and let me know if this is indeed the same issue? In case it is not we can then continue the investigation in the DEVHELP request.

Have a nice weekend.