Problems on Confluence DataCenter APP Performance Testing

I’m going to test my confluence plugin performance for Confluence DataCenter , I cloned the dc-app-performance-toolkit , but it seems dosen’t support Confluence . So I tried the dev-branch which support Confluence Enterprice 6.13.x Version. GitHub - atlassian/dc-app-performance-toolkit at dev

And when I use “bzt Confluence.yml”,the process has been stuck there…

Where is the problem?

Thank you

The Confluence part is not available on the master branch but only on the dev branch because it is still under development. Apparently there are still problems with the large data set which seems to be what you’re seeing, so you’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

I’m sure they’ll announce it, once it’s ready. :slight_smile:

I’ve been waited for about 15 hours at this step, and there is no error logs and no prompts for me to investigate the problem.:cry:

I’d like to know if the Confluence Data Center apps existing on the market place uses this officially performance testing tools or third-party performance testing software?

No matter how long you wait, it probably won’t work at this point. What I meant to say was: You’ll have to wait until the Confluence version is officially ready.

Other apps on the Marketplace have been using other tooling. See this thread for more info:

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Hi Sven:
It is very useful for me.
So if I want to test my Confluence DataCenter application, for now, I should use other test tools like this or something else.




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Well, you can. But unless you’ve got a lot of time to invest I would strongly recommend waiting on the official tooling. Tools like E4 are great if you know what you’re doing but they have a steep learning curve. Using the official tooling is probably easier and also more future proof if Atlassian should decide to make them mandatory at some point.

Since the Confluence version oft APT is already in the dev branch it shouldn’t be too long until it’s ready. (Probably only a few more weeks)

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Hey @LiXiang, just wanted to let you know that version 1.1.0 beta of APT was released, bringing support for Confluence. There is also an user guide accessible here:

Hi sven ,Thanks for your kind reminder, I am using it.:+1:

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