Problems with forge tunnel

Hello everyone,

I am very new to Atlassian Forge and am currently trying to develop an app using Forge.

For the installation, I have followed the instructions on this page:

I am able to deploy and install the app on my local instance but unfortunately I am running into the following error when using forge tunnel.

Checking Docker image… 100%
Your Docker image is up to date.
docker: Error response from daemon: invalid IP address in add-host: “host-gateway”.
See ‘docker run --help’.

Forge tunnel initially worked but all of a sudden it stopped working (without me changing anything).

What I’ve tried already:

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling forge/npm/node
  • Starting/restarting docker
  • Deleting the forge tunnel image and re-downloading it again.
  • Upgrading forge tunnel

Versions used:

  • Node: 12.22.1
  • Ubuntu: 18.04.2
  • npm: 7.16.0
  • Docker: 20.10.2
  • Forge: 1.4.0

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Vanisha,

Looking at the error, it seems to be specific to Docker. I’ve located an issue in their GitHub discussing this issue but it seems to be a year old at the time of this reply.

I have tested using forge tunnel today with the latest version of Forge/CLI and I’ve had no issues. I would recommend pursuing a resolution along with Docker support, since the exception logged is related to that product specifically.

Rodrigo Heinzen
Developer Support Engineer

Hi @Vanisha

Thanks for reaching out.
We have released a fix in our CLI since version 1.3.3 to work properly with Linux distributions of Docker (see: bug-fixes-in-forge-cli-version-1-3-3).

We have tested that it works with Linux Docker version 20.10.6. Since you are on an older version (20.10.2), do you mind trying to update the version of your Docker and try again?

If the problem persists, could you also log the output of docker version.


The message appears with my setup still. I have:

Forge 1.6.1
Docker 20.10.8
Ubuntu 21.04 hirsute

But there is a solution that worked for me, that Yuri describes here: Problems with forge tunnel