Problems with saving of admin form content (Refapp admin form tutorial)

Hi there,

I was following the admin-form configuration tutorial from to create a admin form for my Confluence addon and am facing some issues now. It compiles, the form shows,… works so far. However I am unable to retrieve or save the data.

I think this is due to the fact the button in the admin.vm view is a simple submit button which triggers the following servlet url when pressed: …/xproduct/admin?name=foo&time=1 but the REST service for retrieval is under /xproduct-admin/1.0/

If I PUT data via PostMan to the REST service url, the data is saved and I can retrieve it with a GET request. So the missing part is the wiring of the admin.vm and the Javascript code for PUTing or GETting the config values. How can this be achieved?

Or are there some good real-live addons with source code available somewhere? I would also like to inspect some, but they are difficult to find.