Production logs not showing up on CLI


we thought we have managed to organize our logs by using the Forge CLI’s forge logs -e production command and transforming them.

Everything went well on staging, but we deployed the logging logic to production and the CLI command above did not give us anything.

On the developer portal, some of the instances of installations were missing, though some of the logs appeared there - none of those were in the CLI command output.

We are super disappointed, went through several steps and came to the conclusion that the problem is not in our bounds, but in higher levels.

@BlintBerente, we have acknowledged your concern. As an initial step, we are checking this issue with our internal teams. Simultaneously, I kindly request you to validate from your end if the access to production logs by the site admin has been granted.

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@BlintBerente As we are trying to check this issue internally, we need few pieces of information from your end. If you could help us with the details for: appId and envId. We would also need to know role of the users trying to view app logs through CLI: whether the user is an “Admin” or a “Contributor”, so that we could verify if the issue occurred due to missing permissions.

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Thanks, I’ve just sent you the details in private. For context for the thread, the user is admin.

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Hello @BlintBerente, as per our team’s analysis, we have come up with an understanding of the issue. In order to validate our hypothesis and arrive on a conclusion, we request you for the details of the production site where the latest version of the app is installed and tested for logs.

We have several production sites whose logs aren’t appearing, but I am sending you one of them in the DM.

We have acknowledged the details and our team is working on the fix.
One workaround that we recommend is to try using the DevConsole for Logs. In the site filter there in, we have enabled multi-selection of sites, and one can as well search for the site for which logs data is needed, in the same filter. Do help us know, if by following this approach you are able to retrieve the required site’s log data.

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Using the app developer console we are able to retrieve the log data for specific sites, but in the main list there are logs missing for specific sites. When we filter for that specific site, the logs appear as expected! Forge cli does the same, without the ability to filter for sites. For context, we have several hundreds of instances as far as we know.

From our investigations, we conclude that it is possible to retrieve logs from DevConsole by selecting the particular site. We understand that occurrence of reported issue is due to the limitations, that we internally impose, when querying for the sites; we restrict to retrieve logs only for 95 sites from all the available instances. Due to this limitation, the required site logs data might not be displayed, unless we search for that specific site.
FYI, the work is in the pipeline to find a permanent solution on removing this ‘95 sites limit’ and we will soon provide an update on the same.
Additionally, we would like to understand if there are any specific requirements for using Forge CLI instead of DevConsole.

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We thought about the limit, too, but this is unpredictable and unusable. We are using CLI to use log data visualization tools which require a periodic extraction and import of logs. Yes we can use the console for specific lookups if we know the instance site. But we cannot monitor info nor errors for the whole app, and therefore we are not able to be one stop ahead of our customer needs, but crawling behind their bug reports. We would have to look up every several hundred installation one-by-one - this is not an industry scale logging system, despite its importance. From the CLI, we only try to access logs from the past 1h and extract the information we need.

Hi @BlintBerente,

My peers are currently working on enabling partners to receive the logs to the tool of choice. You can track the progress here. Also, we have made improvements to the logs screen in developer console.

Please feel free to reach out to us for sharing any more feedback.