Programmatically create confluence inline comment?

Is there any example to create in-line comment for confluence page?

I found an old post How do we add an in-line comment to Confluence con...
And followed the idea. It just told me 405: ‘Method Not Allowed’

Below is my payload. Any help would be appreciated.
“type”: “comment”,
“mode”: “create”,
“container”: {
“id”: “13074458”,
“type”: “page”
“body”: {
“storage”: {
“value”: “<p>This inline comment added from REST API</p>”,
“representation”: “storage”
“extensions”: {
“location”: “inline”,
“inlineProperties”: {
“numMatches”: 1,
“originalSelection”: “know asdb”,
“matchIndex”: 0,
“lastFetchTime”: “1666625403”,
“serializedHighlights”: “[["know asdb"]]”