Programming in Groovy for scripts in Adaptavist ScripRunner

Hello everyone,

I know how to program in Java and I have knowledge in Groovy. But I don’t know how to write scripts to customize Adaptavist ScriptRunner.
Can someone tell me what steps I can take to advance this knowledge? Or is there a course I can take?

Thank you very much.

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Hey, @JordiRomeraAguil! There are lots of ways to advance your knowledge. I’ll outline a few pillars, then give a parting word of advice.

If you’re an experienced Java developer, Groovy is built to be easy to pick up. The Groovy website has links to the documentation & other learning materials if you feel like you need some guidance on the syntax.

Probably the best way to get started figuring how to use ScriptRunner would be to take a look at our Getting Started guide. The tutorials will take you through some of the most heavily used features.

Many of the features have built-in code examples that show you the kinds of things you can do with that feature. Just look for the “Show snippets” option below any code inputs. These can be a handy way to explore what’s possible using the Atlassian APIs.

Of course, there’s no substitute for the JavaDocs. The JavaDocs for Jira’s API are available at Atlassian Jira - Server 8.20.0 API.

Finally, my biggest bit of advice would be to think of a problem that you want to solve already & try to use ScriptRunner to do it. That’s going to really get your mind interested in whatever it is you’re learning. Search around here and the main Atlassian Community site, as folks may have asked similar questions. You can also search the documentation and our Script Library for examples as well.

Best of luck! If you can’t find an answer, of course, feel free to ask on the main Atlassian Community site.