Project-blueprint deep dive

I’ve been looking into creating project-blueprints for our installation.
Tutorial was straightforward but now I want to get into more detail. Does anyone know if there are documentation pages for this. None show up in searches.
I’m sure I’ll figure it out for myself eventually but it would be great to get a bit more insight.
Any suggestions?

I’m not aware of any as well. I hope you mean under the blueprints something like “shared configuration”.
We solved it by having our own dialogs and that just talks to API.

Hi Margus
Most of our users want projects that are configured in a similar way but not necessarily using a shared configuration. At the moment we create projects based on a Kanban template and perform some tweaking to set our custom schemes. I’d like to build plugin based on ‘project-blueprint’ to appear in the list of templates when creating a project.

We use them but we’ve just had to figure it out. The biggest help was reading Jira Software’s templates source code. There’s not a lot of documentation.