Project configuration API has arrived!


I’m happy to announce that already long list of available REST APIs has grown up significantly. During last weeks we have been working on APIs connected with project configuration.

What is more we enabled some existing APIs for Connect apps.

We are happy to hear your feedback!

Let us know which API you are going to use soon.


Impressive list. Thank you.

Now we are waiting for more permission endpoints so we can secure our apps better, e.g.:

Awesome stuff, thank you for your efforts here, this is going to make certain parts of our app significantly more slick!

There are still two APIs that are causing us to maintain OAuth 2 AND basic auth…

Being able to remove basic auth using an API token and using solely OAuth 2 would be amazing! :ok_hand:

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Hi @JamesSear,
thank you for your feedback.
I’d like to address both issues mentioned in your comment.

  1. Webhook registration support for 3LO apps - we are aware of that issue, because it is raised by our customers. We keep an eye on and I encourage you to watch ACJIRA ticket.
  2. According to the documentation mentioned API is enabled for 3LO apps. We have also confirmed it with our app. If you are facing any issue with that endpoint - do not hesitate to raise support ticket.


@BeataSzturemska Re-tested the project statuses endpoint yesterday and it works nicely with OAuth 2! Thanks for the update on this, now we’re just left with the webhooks API.

I’m aware of that webhook issue thread, I joined it 1 year ago and commented :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work!

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@BeataSzturemska thank you for sharing these new APIs, we are already using the field configuration endpoints.

One thing we are still missing, thought, are default values for custom fields contexts. There is an endpoint for fetching contexts already, but default values are missing from the response.

This would be very useful to us for required custom fields that are missing from the issue type screen (and therefore from create meta), but have default value, thus making issue creation possible.