Project Key Change w/ Properties API

:wave: I have a question regarding the forge properties api. I would prefer to leverage it over the forge storage api to store some jira project specific settings for my app as using the storage api would require me to make compound storage key (ex. cloud-id/project-id/issue-id). To do this I would rely on the context object in the request to know what the project key is.

In the event a project key changes, what happens? I know Jira stores both the new and the old key from this post but is the forge properties api smart enough to know to look up both the new and old project keys?


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Tested this out an my test Jira instance and it does appear to use both the new and old keys under the hood. Confirmation from the Forge team wouldn’t hurt though!

Hi Greg,

You can read up the behavior here: Editing a projects key

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