Project null in Jira Helper and how to submit values to controller?

This is my first time ever with JIRA plugins. I have two questions :

So, I have got a class

MyContextProvider extends AbstractJiraContextProvider

In here, I have access to the class JiraHelper in getContextMap. I am trying to get the project this sidebar navigation link was clicked under - however project is null in jiraHelper. How do I get the project to be populated ? This is similar to this issue :
Also, why is every single link on the interwebs dead for JIRA (atlassian ?) related issues ? (eg : look at the links in here

How do I submit a value from a web panel to my MyContextProvider class so that whatever I am trying to display gets updated in the page ? I am guessing I will have to use a javascript framework of some sort ? I looked up tutorial on gadgets and I am not sure that is the way to go ?

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