Promotion codes added to the Get Transactions API

Hi Developer community,

We’re adding more information on promotion codes to the Get Transactions API.

In invoices, we have a discounts field, an array with each element containing a type and amount field. MARKETPLACE_PROMOTION is one such type for the discount the customer gets after using a promo code. With this release, we are adding a new code field for the MARKETPLACE_PROMOTION type. This field will be a string and will show the promo code that was used.

With this new field, you can better track specific campaign related promotions.

1"discounts":[ 2 { 3 type: "MARKETPLACE_PROMOTION" 4 amount: 100.0 5 code: "ABCD" <- new field 6 } 7]

Where will we provide information?

We will start providing discount code information in the following Marketplace APIs.

  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/sales/transactions
  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/sales/transactions/export

You can find the new field documented here. Click on Transaction Collection under Responses and then follow this path /transactions/purchaseDetails/discounts.


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