Prompt editor when creating macro's

Previously in Atlassian Connect it was possible to “prompt” the editor on the creation of a dynamic content macro. This is demonstrated in the confluence-giphy-addon, where a user first has to select a custom GIF which will then be inserted as the URL parameter into the dynamic content macro. This use case makes sense for most-if-not-all dynamic content macros.

If I understand correctly, MacroConfig is the direct successor of dynamic content macro parameters. I have tried using the isRequired attribute with no luck. Please provide a sufficient example on how this works, and also add it to the docs, as it reflects the standard workflow for macros.


Hi @lennardberger at the moment theres no way for config to appear when the macro is inserted. My suggestion is to show an empty state when the macro is inserted and have a message prompting the user to configure. Would that work for your use-case?

Hello @pgleeson this is what I am currently doing and what the example code suggests. It works but is clearly a workaround rather than a good solution.

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