Providing 'clientKey' in useProductContext?

Connect apps do not usually use the Cloud ID provided in the Forge product Context but rather use the clientKey as their primary identifier.

So for the usecase of migrating a Connect App to Forge, is there a plan to provide ‘clientKey’ in useProductContext ?


Hi @ajay,

We’re not planning to add clientKey to useProductContext.

One alternative we’re thinking about is adding cloudId to the installation lifecycle hook - would that help in your case?

Are you able to explain your current migration plan in more detail? For example, do you plan to kick off some sort of migration from your remote data store onto hosted storage after a Forge installation happens, or will your Forge app continue talking to your app server to store and retrieve data?


@jhazelwood ,

It should work for us if you can provide the cloudId. We would need to continue to talk to the App server for this particular App case as it’s a data-intensive connect application.

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