Providing Guest access to Forge apps in Confluence

How do I allow access to Forge apps installed in Confluence (byline app, for example) to Guest or Unlicensed users. With default settings in manifest.yml, a simple HelloWorld macro or byline app will not display for Guest users.

Several 3rd party apps from the Marketplace do display for Guest and Unlicensed users so it seems it must be possible.

Thank you for any suggestion or guidance you can provide.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @JPS,

The short answer is that’s not possible with Forge today. Please watch, vote, and comment on FRGE-1145, suggesting support for unlicensed Confluence users, including both guests and anonymous users.

The slightly longer answer is that both RFC-9 and our end-user documentation state or suggest that guest users can use apps. That is true for Connect Apps, but not yet Forge Apps. Those 3rd party apps you’ve observed from Marketplace must be Connect Apps.