Proxy error in development and staging when calling Confluence attachments API with requestConfluence

We’ve started seeing the following error in the development and staging environments (production is fine) when calling the Confluence attachments API with requestConfluence:

message: 'Forge platform failed to process runtime HTTP request - 400 - INVALID_TARGET_URL',
name: 'PROXY_ERR',
status: 400

The code triggering this (which runs fine in production):

const response = await api.asUser().requestConfluence(route`/wiki/rest/api/content/${pageId}/child/attachment/${imgId}/download`, {
    headers: {
        'method': 'HEAD'

Has anyone encountered something similar and/or have any suggestions on how to debug further?


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Hi @Judd !

To help us investigate, could you please share your app ID and the approximate timestamp of when you received this error? Also, if the error context includes a request ID or trace ID, that would also be helpful.

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This was caused by a networking change and has been rolled back - if you try again now things should be working.

We identified approximately 9 apps would have experienced this error.

Thanks @HeyJoe! Works now. Cheers for the fast fix! Much appreciated :slight_smile: