PSA - Selenium 2 to 3 upgrade coming in Confluence 8.6

:pushpin: Update 18 July 2023: We previously stated that the Selenium 3 upgrade would happen in Confluence 8.5. This has been rescheduled to Confluence 8.6 to avoid introducing a potential breaking change the 8.5 Long Term Support release.

Hi all,

We plan to upgrade the version of Selenium provided by Confluence in 8.5 from Selenium 2 to Selenium 3.

If your app has tests that use the version of Selenium provided by Confluence, then it’s possible that some of your tests may break when you update your app to use Confluence 8.5.

We’ve provided a new test module that provides Selenium 3 for you to test your apps ahead of time. Details on how to use this test module can be found in our Selenium 3 upgrade guide.

Software Engineer, Confluence DC

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