PSA: TinyMCE 6 editor upgrade in Confluence 8.3

Hi all,

We’ve upgraded the Confluence editor to TinyMCE 6.4.0 in Confluence 8.3.

To access and test an early version, you should download the latest Early Access Program release, Confluence 8.3.0-beta1.

What you need to know

There are minimal breaking changes associated with this upgrade. We have captured those we found here: TinyMCE 6 API Changes.

Our tests with Marketplace apps revealed an occasional use of tinymce.create, which is one of the breaking changes listed on the page.

Beyond these technical aspects, there are two known issues with TinyMCE 6 that affect users of the editor. You can learn about and track the issues:

Thes issues are on the TinyMCE roadmap to be fixed soon, and we will pass on the fix in an upcoming Confluence 8.x bug fix release.


Software Engineer, Confluence DC

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