Public link of Confluence page get via API

Hi there,

is there an option for the new Feature to share a page to externals / create the new public link of a confluence page via REST API?

That would be AAAmazing.


Hi, @LukasGotter I’m not familiar with the new feature you’re referring to. Can you post a link to the announcement/release notes and I can then inquire/raise a feature request?

As with any new feature request like this PM like to understand the use case you would like to use this API for. If you could provide that as well that would be great.

Hi @rwhitbeck, thanks for your reply! Nice to read from you. Sure… here is the documentation

The use case for the Meetical Meetings for Confluence App is the following. Our App allows you to create a Confluence Meeting Notes page directly from Google Calendar events via Browser Extension and also from Outlook via Outlook Add-in. Do you remember my Arizona App Week presentation? :slight_smile: In both cases we add a link to the page below for easy access to the agenda and meeting minutes. Currently this is the “internal” Confluence page link. But especially for meeting notes, shared with customers and partners, it would be amazing, and has been requested from users, that the page can be made available to extenals with a special link.

Looking forward to know if this becomes available on the API soon :sunglasses:


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Hi @LukasGotter I have confirmed with the relevant PM that this is currently not on the Roadmap.

I’ve created a feature request for this API here

Please feel free to watch and vote for that feature on the ticket itself.


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Thanks Ralph, let’s pray if that makes it through to development one sunny day :wink: